Lunch with Swift

Roaming southern New Hampshire's Monadnock Region and beyond — visiting unique places and tasting the local flavor..

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Not the beach day I was looking for, I will tell you that right now.  And to say it’s a “lunch with Swift” is a stretch,  but come along with me into the dark depths of a dream.

The dream starts out on a sandy beach near a rundown resort.    It is all mundane.  It could be a seaside anywhere.  Stumbling along in no hurry, I see a seagull looking injured.  It does a kind of dance, like it is trying to communicate with me.   It leads me to a concrete culvert.  There is litter and some indistinct  graffiti.  In the darkness, I see what he is trying to tell me about.  There are two other gulls stapled to the concrete wall.   their wings are outspread, one is in anguish.    Then, I hear is say, “help!”

I run to look for wire clippers.  I think of electrical wire clippers but settle on something a bit more stout with a blunt nose.   I think about how the staples can be cut without damaging the birds.   And I run back to the culvert.

Carefully, I crawl into the culvert and clip the bird from the wall.  The staple is not wire, but some sort of reed.  I see the other bird is dead.   The bird that is free is covered with mites and maggots.    But it hops out into the sun, weakly and its feathers take on a dark iridescence.    Perhaps it will live.     It says: “Thank you, Thank you!!”

I wonder who could have done this horrible thing.  This poor bird is barely alive.  It needs some food.    I ask it (here it comes:) what it would like to have for lunch?   “Would it like some seeds? The injured gull says “only if it is organic.”   “You know how processed all of those cereals you humans eat.”  I search town and get a bag of organic seeds.   I deliver the seed.  “Thank you, Thank you.”

Then I wake up.  Yikes, I have still have work to do.   There is the other gull that is on the wall.   Now, I wonder if it might be not dead but or just weakly sleeping.     Trouble is,  I am awake now and out of the dream and there is nothing I can do about it.

Will someone go to sleep to help me see if the other gull is actually dead or just very weak?  And if it is alive, please cut it loose and give it some of those good organic seeds.