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The Sandwich Master

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If you are headed south on Route 202 toward Winchendon, Mass from Jaffrey and points north, you are going to pass the Sandwich Master on the east side of the road, in Rindge — It’s in the tiny strip mall immediately south of a brandy new minted tiny church. 

The place is perfectly named.  The guy who makes the sandwiches has been doing so for his allotted  10,000 hours and he is a rightful named a master of the craft. 

You will see upon entering, a laminated sign which does not do justice to his offerings.  Come on, I’m not going to be in for a Dumpster sandwich.  Neither are most of you, my gentle readers.  But trust me,  the Pilgrim sandwich is something to savor with some you love.  It is based on the theme of leftovers after a thanksgiving feast.  And it is a feast in itself.  You will want a nap and maybe a little chat with a therapist if you succomb to swallowing one by yourself.  You might want to touch on self restraint issues.  All that asside, it is a wonder.

His sandwiches are like conceptual art pieces with quality presentation, style and great taste.

Yesterday I had a perfect lobster roll. 

His menu is deep with plenty of choices.  Just avoid staring at the pictures and use your imagination and words.  The little girl,  I think it’s his daughter will take your order.  Be patient,  excellence can’t be hurried.

Either find yourself a table by the big  TV screen and watch Judge Judy,  or plot a picnic.  The Cathedral of the Pines is not far away and they have a lovely lawn. 

Take my word,  the Sandwich Master, Route 202, Rindge,  NH will not dissapoint!


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