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The Crow Bakery, Proctorsville, VT

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What is an SOS sandwich?  We will get to that later, but first,






This is really the name of this sandwich I ordered at the Crow Bakery in Proctorsville, VT.

Just before scene in this picture, I had carelessly knocked a potato chip on the floor.    In bending over to pick it up, I hooked the plate with my bulky ski garb and the whole dam
plate edged over the table and  hit the ground.

We had just finished skiing at Okemo in Ludlow Vermont on some of the best snow in the best winter in memory.  This reminds me that as we were riding up on the Okemo heated seat bubble chairlift (what’s that you ask? the future, I answer. We were talking about fine wine.  I have to say that this winter of 2015’s snow is like the finest wine.    Basically, it is perfect.  Powder, or packed powder, no ice.  Fabulous.

Thanks to the speedy 6 person bubble lift, by 2 pm we had had enough skiing and were ready for a good lunch.    Who knows how much vertical drop you can ski when you can go up and down so fast but it is alot.  Someone said we have to check out the Crow Bakery.     Indeed it was worthy of a slight side trip.

20150225_134104 This is the beautiful interior of the place.  It is a bakery with all of the most creative pastries and breads you could imagine.  There were 5 of us men coming in from the cold.   Micheal, David, Craig, Daniel and I took a seat at this table.    Nothing quick about this place, but we were not in a hurry.  We were in the playing hooky from work with a just-left- it- all- on- the- mountain-mood.    So we settled in and took in the light and warmth of the place.

David said it reminded him of Howard Frank Mosher an author of fiction often set in the Northeast Kingdom.

Walking to Gatlinburg,   Disappearances  I can recommend these two books if you are in the mood for some goofy and fun stories about backwoods Vermont.     If you read them you won’t forget them soon.

I got this reference,  there is nothing artificial in the place. It is very well kept and respectful of the village setting.    There are more places like this in Vermont and New Hampshire than in many places of the country.  It is one of the things that makes the towns we live in special and unique.    Here the decor set the tone, the food lived up to the place it was being served.     One fellow, Micheal had a vegetarian Chili with grated and melted Vermont Cheddar on top.   He is normally full of things to say and a great conversationalist.  He was silent.  That is saying something.  There were three Cubans that came to the table–  sandwiches that is– and no complaints.  Just Ahhs.

And my SOS. A Ham Panini with apples and melted cheese. The floor was so clean, I picked it up and ate every morsel, pickle and chip.  I did not actually call out for an SOS for my SOS.  I shut up and ate it.  Before leaving (reminds me of leavening) we got chocolate chip cookies and some loaves of bread.

We lingered over lunch and then ambled back to NH  in the bright afternoon sunlight to finish our day of hookey.    When we came to our original meeting place to go our separate directions, we knew we had had the privilege of an excellent winter day.    We reluctantly parted.

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  1. So sorry to miss this adventure

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