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Eyes open

I continue to comb the countryside for wonderful lunch experiences.  But this month I am doing a thing which has put up a big brick wall between me and most of what convenience stores have to offer.

I have been paying attention to something called the Whole 30. 

■♤■ ●♢●

Basically, it’s just eating all whole foods for a month.  This is not a hardship.

The stuff that you aren’t supposed to eat seems long– bread, anything with sugar added, legumes, all dairy products.  But it gives you the opportunity to have a new relationship with sweet potatoes, meat, eggs and some nuts.  Thank goodness they say coffee is ok to include.  When I am a bit peckish and am perusing the fare at a Mr Mikes or a Big Apple store, there is almost nothing to spend money on.  Water, coffee, sunflower seeds, cashews, a banana… that’s about it.

In the meantime,   my blood is running lean and hot and the experiment continues.. no sugar at all, really?   Pardon me while I count the money I haven’t spent.