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Dougs dogs .. not a happy ending.

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Doug of Dougs dogs sold his hot dog cart a guy who has also retired and passed the business on to his son.   If you follow me, we are in the third generation of hot doggery.  The son  now has the mantle of hot dog king in Marlboro.   I commented on how quickly he assembled my 2 everything dogs with pepsi.  He said not as fast as my dad.   I beg to differ.  And I would like to add it is still the best deal in southern new Hampshire for lunch.

Following our transaction,  I went in my truck with the hot dog tray loaded up and heavy and settled in.
Something suddenly made me twitch.   In doing so, I dumped the whole tray over in my lap.  It was a horrible gooey mess.   But not one that should go to waste.  I ate everything bunless.  And licked my fingers when I munched the buns.

When I had eaten the last bits.  I went back up to the truck window and the once and future hot dog king gave me 2 squares of paper towel to wipe up.  I used that all up, too.


One thought on “Dougs dogs .. not a happy ending.

  1. Never can let a story about Doug’s Dogs go without remembering the stakeout. Seems the original Doug never filed a tax return so the IRS had a stakeout at Wilbur’s in Marlborough whereby a government official was paid to sit in his car and count the number of hot dogs sold by Doug in a two-week interval. That’s a lot of hot dogs; that’s how they got him.

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