Lunch with Swift

Roaming southern New Hampshire's Monadnock Region and beyond — visiting unique places and tasting the local flavor..

5 Cavemen Guys

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First the white and red decor melts away.  You are sitting at a  table with your head against the wall.  You have just ordered the Five Guys cheeseburger.   You sit and wait for the number 94  to be called out. 

You look around,   and realize that the consumption of this food is not an aspirational activity. 

Slowly yours eyes blur.  You drift and dream.  You see the red and white decor going to earthtones.  You see flames of a campfire and painted elk and bear cavepaintings.  You see cavemen and woman huddled around fires
and hunched over meats. Dark matted bodyhair. Their skin and fur cloaks hide the private bits.

There are grunting cave children kicking at a smoky fire.  Eyes are burning.  You hear druming and see a circle fo men and woman dancing. There is dusts rising at their feet.

Someone calls 94.   Your cheeseburger is ready.  Slowly earthtones turn red and white.  And U2 is on the radio. Your surroundings are linoleum, chrome enamel, tile. Your neighbors are hairless and a bit soft.

You open wide for a bite with elbows on the table two hands grasping…


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