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Roaming southern New Hampshire's Monadnock Region and beyond — visiting unique places and tasting the local flavor..

Lunch under the Gnome– at The Enchanted Bakery — Westmoreland, NH

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Keene people, you have a lot of places to eat and things to do in town but when you read this, my prediction is that you are going to get in your Charger, your convertible Mustang, your F150, Kawasaki ninja, jeep or whatever and head on west to Westmoreland. You will drive over the hill and peek out toward Vermont but with no need to go. You will pass the cell towers on the right and head down the hill.

Come on in and join me under the big gnome at the Enchanted Bakery. They are making up sandwiches to order right now! I’m having an egg salad sandwich with provolone, cucumbers, and hot peppers piled high on focaccia bread. Guaranteed to be the best egg salad sandwich I have ever had.

Strangely, after the skinny man with the beard and the baseball cap has bid goodbye, I am the only one in here. Soon they will be closing for the afternoon. My kind sandwich maker has given me extra napkins for the car. I am coming back. This place is a winner. The sign says they serve breakfast all day until they close at 2. Real maple syrup on your pancakes is also a plus for those early afternoon breakfasts. That is for an other time. You will read more about this place.



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