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The Newfane Creamery Rt 30 Newfane, Vt.

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It was the middle of the winter when my friends and I started talking about a canoe trip. When I thought of all the deep snow in Vermont, I thought about it melting and washing into the rivers there. I liked the look of the White River which flows out of Warren and the Sugarbush area and heads over to the Connecticut River. I bought the AMC river guide book.

They said the time to run the White River is in late April and early May. Any earlier and the water would be too high! Any later and there would not be enough…

It’s a Friday afternoon May 2, 2014. We are gathering. There are six of us. We are headed for the white river. Tonight we will be camping. But we will be stopping on the way for dinner.

Michael says its pizza night at the Newfane Creamery. Let’s go there. Michael says it’s only 10 minutes out of the way. None of us question this. It turns out that that it would be 2 hours and 10 minutes out of the way. I am not complaining and what happens after is worthy of another story.

Having driven for an hour past Keene, we pull into the Newfane Creamery. I am a little surprised. I have worked for years in Townshend and Newfane on a continuous forestry project in town and I have never noticed this place. We go in. It has that long time, lived-in look. It has definitely not just opened. This is another blackboard special menu type of place. In the case are your slaws, salads, and delicious looking carrot cake. What really catches my eye are the crab cakes.

Our fresh faced waitress comes over and we order our pizzas. But I have just got to have a crab cake, too. It’s worth the trip. There are six of us. We order three of them. When they arrive. We descend like seagulls. Gone in 15 seconds. Our eyes roll back in our heads. I lick the plate of the remnant aioli and crab cake.

Our pizzas come. They are out of the ordinary, excellent and tasty. We eat every crumb.

All the while we tell stories and laugh. It’s Friday night and we have been set loose in Vermont.

Newfane creamery, How did I miss you?

When we finish our meal, we have a fascination about some furniture made of silver dollars setting over in the corner. It draws us over and we hang around the place too long like little annoying children who are fixated on a toy at a toy shop. The waitress wonders if we will ever leave.

We eventually do leave and set out for the next segment of our journey that little do we know, we will be needing all of this good nourishment…


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