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Children in Harlow’s– it’s a snow day!

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It is snow globe time in Peterborough. The big storm has wound down so there are big flakes doing lazy twirls on their way from the sky to the ground. Some people smoke a cigarette after making love. The last of this storm is kind of like that.

It’s a no school day today. The streets are empty. Chris and I have met Tim for lunch at Harlow’s. The place feels totally different than usual. There are some suit and tie guys sitting here that look like they want to move here because of this joint. If you are familiar with the place, you know Harlow’s is a cool little pub in downtown Peterborough. It used to be a cheese shop in a little street level store. It had lots of character and Harlow Richardson was happy to regale customers with stories about ocean adventures. He sailed almost every weekend over in the gulf of Maine. Beth and I got to go out with him once. I remember a broken shroud, difficulties catching hold of a mooring, a touch of seasickness and gin and tonics.

Dave Sz. bought the shop from Harlow about 10 years ago and started selling good beer. He plastered the walls with all sorts of old nick nacks. And he bought a bigger shop above the original store. There is a stage for bands to come and play. And there have been some legendary dances.

It is a great place and has almost singlehandedly given Peterborough a cool cachet. Almost any night there is a wide cross section of people from this town and beyond.

Today it is filled with kids and their mothers who have walked down to get out of their houses. Jen, Amy, and Rachel are all down here with their broods. Caitlin has showed up too Lucy and Owen. The kids were all laughing and carrying on. They have grilled cheeses, soups and hot cocoa’s arrayed in front of them.

The place feels a bit like a snow day club house. I don’t think these kids will ever forget getting to go to Harlow’s for lunch today.


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