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Plowshare Farm Greenfield, NH

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He said, “I’m not gonna lie to you, I hate working with foresters.” We were sitting at the Plowshare Farm in Greenfield, NH. His deep wrinkles and super long sandy grey beard might have looked good in a sepia photograph that could have been taken 120 years ago. But, it wouldn’t have done justice to his piercing sapphire blue eyes. Louis is a horse logger and he has been working at plowshare for a long time.

We had just finished singing the lunchtime grace which I admit I do not know the words to. I need to get a cheat sheet to at least. Just prior to it we had been talking about the way to think about the 100 acres of woods around the farm. And John Goodhue had come up and greeted me with his grandson William and, and .. It was a lot to take in.

The Plowshare farm is a community of people with special needs. Everyone gets a job to do to help out the farm as they are able. I have had lunch twice with them recently. I believe that every meal they have is a celebration. The food is all from the farm and wonderful.

I sat with directors Kimberly and Donat. They have made the place with a shared vision.

On the table there was fois gras and heavy German bread, A beautiful salad, thick yogurt and cheese dressing, and a sausage soup served in a deep tureen. The sun poured in to the dining room and the people in there looked happy to be where they were. They were all totally present.

After a while, talking to Louis we were seeing more eye to eye. And decided we would go for a big walk out in the woods. He said his horses were taking a break right now because both of his mares had just foaled. So we will have some time to think and walk.

After lunch, there was a community blessing, too.


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