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Brookside Convenience Store, Wilton, Nh

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Fritos flavor twists and Nantucket Nectar

I was a little to busy for real lunch today, and I knew I was expecting a good dinner at Ivy’s though. She is preparing to send her son Charlie down the aisle with Sarah this weekend. So there is a celebration tonight.
Anyway I needed a little something tide me over at 3. I had been up the hill near the Heald Tract in Wilton looking at what could be done to a woods around an antique cape that had been recently redone. The owner John and I had an nice time on the hillside in the snow looking at some mixed hardwood forest. We found some big chestnut, butternut, basswood, black cherry and some of the other usual suspects. — red oak and white pine. During our time together, we turned over a lot of rocks. Now, it was time for Fritos flavor twists and Nantucket Nectar and to head back home.

The Brookside was just down the road. The fallback perfect snack for such occasions is the combination of Fritos flavor twists and Nantucket Nectar. I find it to be just the right combination of salty and sweet. Somehow the Nantucket nectar has gotten the formula of the mango orange drink down to be a possible addiction risk.

I went around the corner where the refrigeration whirred and found just what I was looking for – NNOM. I bet you can figure out that abbreviation, dear readers. Refer to the previous paragraph.

I couldn’t find any of the flavor crisps?? The lady behind the counter, sorry I didn’t get her name tag said ” hon, can I help you with something”. “Yes! I would really like some flavor twists.” She came around and we found the last bag hiding behind some Funyuns. “On thanks!”

Then she offered that her favorites were the humpy dumpty barbecue chips from Canada.

“That will be $2.90”

“Have a good day, hon. ”

“Bye Bye”

And I walked back to my truck to head west and fortify.

OK, that was a bit trite, but I really want to wish Scott and Peggy McGovern and Beth Ann Corwin a great ski as they are up in Canada this weekend doing the 100 mile Canadian Ski Marathon. We think there will be great packed powder and it might get up to 5 degrees during the day. Wish them well.

I am staying home to play with Grace and go to a wedding. And I will have lunch somewhere, too.


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