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Lempster Country Store 1000′ S of Rt 10 and the 2nd NH turnpike


Today, I headed west past the Corner Store and up through Windsor, through the high country– Washington and over Lempster Mountain to Lempster to meet some folks from the Lempster conservation commission. The mission was to figure out where a nice piece of land on the lower west shoulder of Silver Mountain was located. No problem, I remembered the land perfectly. The only problem was I couldn’t remember whether I told them noon or 1. When arrived at the appointed place at noon and there was no one there, I thought it would be nice to check out the Lempster Country Store.

This place is a hotbed of town activity only it was quiet when I was in there. There was just enough time to order a Chicken patty sandwich. I’ll tell you, it was really good. Nice crunch, fresh tomato, lettuce. Simple but who could complain? It had all of the things to make a solid lunchtime meal.

You have to understand that in Lempster there is really, really nowhere else. It’s not like NYC where you could have Tapas, Tabuli, Tapioca or Tanqueray on one of each corners of a cross road. It is 20 miles south to Keene and 15 miles north to Newport for the nearest competition. It doesn’t have to be great, but it is. And it has everything in there that you need, except gas. Which I needed!

Lempster is a town that is on the front wave of wind power. Lempster Mountain has 13 dramatic, gigantic wind turbines put up about 10 years ago slowly churning away day and night kicking out 20 meg apiece. Lovers of wind power AND haters can both come by to say “see! This is what it would be like if they put them dangblasted things up on such and such hill! But they churn away. You can hear a lot of talk about them at the Lempster country store. You can also buy great wind power swag. Foam filled hats, wind power tee shirts and bumper stickers. They are proud of what they have there.

So the walk went well. 5 passionate woodsy people were the audience and we took a slow ramble around the land.

When we were done, I decided to get a bag of what my family calls chaados. That is probably an invention of Fern or Swifty. It seems when ever We have been out in the cold a little bag of salty snacks get us corwins going down the road.

I went back in and it was still really quiet in the LCS. The owner, Norm introduced himself this time and we had a nice chat. We learned that we were both transplanted Midwesterners. I could have told you that, he had that way about him –in that wide open Midwestern way. See you soon Norm.


2 thoughts on “Lempster Country Store 1000′ S of Rt 10 and the 2nd NH turnpike

  1. Have you been to the Acworth country store or Westmoreland Country store?? Both charming.

    • Yes love them both, Westmoreland makes great soup. I am working right near there these days. I have to go back to reconnect. I will be working in Acworth this summer if not before. I need to go back there, too.

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