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Pastrami Sandwich

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I have been really busy lately with the cold weather.  There is a lot going on in the forestry world.   The ground is frozen at last and the big machines going where they can’t when it isn’t.

Sometimes its 2 before I realize I haven’t had any lunch like this day.

The cold has made me really hungry for some savory fare.

I probably mentioned before I am (was) a daytime vegetarian.      I figured that if I drew a line at meat during the day I would avoid a lot of stupid food stops.  And bad choices like pastrami sandwiches.

At 2 today I noticed a sign out in front of Our Town Pizza.  Hot Pastrami sandwiches.  I was tummy rumbling so it didn’t take much to cave in.

I ordered a large (of course) with brown mustard.    The white hat guy behind the register said it would be a 15 minute wait.    Great, I would go do banking and a post office run while he made it up.

Yes all that went fine-the errands were run.  The big pastrami sandwich was waiting for me.   So I decided to eat it in my truck.  It was parked in the Peterborough Plaza parking lot almost in front of the drug store and near the liquor store.


I sat in my truck by myself.  Savoring.    Oh the smell,  I thought it would permeate the folds of my truck for a while.  The heat coming off the bread warmed my hands.  The color of the juicy meat almost made me weep it was so beautiful.  Oh, jeeze.

I breathed in deep.   I opened my mouth.  My eyes angled to the right.  There was a old lady in a car just off my right bow parked in the space opposite me.  She was watching me intently.  Yikes!

Enough of that..

I put the damn sandwich down and headed for my driveway where I could park and eat it in peace.

I would give that Our Town Pizza pastrami high marks.   It was fabulous and kept me warm for the rest of the day.


I would give my daytime vegetarianism very low marks…it went bust.









One thought on “Pastrami Sandwich

  1. Great to read about your lunch. You are my convenience store dining guru.

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