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Roaming southern New Hampshire's Monadnock Region and beyond — visiting unique places and tasting the local flavor..

Mack’s place

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icefingersSo when you are early for an appointment in Grafton, Vermont, what do you do.  Say it is two days after Christmas and it’s a blue sky day.  Say you are not sure whether the folks you are meeting inside the Grafton inn or on the street.  What ever, I just had that feeling that I was early and there was time for a breakforlunch.  So I noticed this place next to the too elegant inn called Mack’s place.

I went in and wasn’t really prepared.   It was homey and peopled in a way I didn’t  really expect.  I looked at my watch.  Could i do it? Was there enough time before the appointed hour?  I went for it.

Blueberry pancakes,  real maple syrup,  real butter, not a pat, great coffee,  and notices of community goings on all around.  There were several stuffed chairs.  Gotta run the clients showed up and I have to leave lunch where it it…..


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